The Call That Iain Branded "Disgusting"

22 October 2015, 09:40 | Updated: 25 August 2016, 12:25

Iain Dale Studio Point

Iain Dale took a shocking call from a Muslim woman who said he deserved to die because he was gay - before a gay Muslim man phoned with a heartwarming response to her.

Zainab, just 22, left Iain lost for words with her shocking views, as she told him that gay Muslims were an "abomination" and "twisting" her religion.

"Why do you think there's paedophiles out there? Both of them are disgusting acts," she claimed, leading Iain to suggest she'd been brainwashed into holding "disgusting views".

Incredibly, she then claimed it was right for homosexuals to be killed: "My religion is very clear what happens to gay people...the punishment is the death penalty."

But then something happened to change Iain's mood completely: he took a call from Sohail, one of a small group of young gay Muslims who set up a stall outside Whitehchapel Tube to spread the message that it was OK to believe in Islam and be gay.

Sohail explained why Zainab was so misguided and talked about his struggle to reconcile his faith with his sexuality.

"Throughout my entire life, I believe that because I had these feelings, I was someone evil...I was demonic.

"I prayed every day, I begged Allah to turn me straight."

Take a listen above to the two extraordinary calls.