Iain Hits Back At EU: Britain Is Not A Pathetic Little Country

3 May 2017, 17:53 | Updated: 3 May 2017, 18:01

Theresa May has called out European politician’s for their “threats” against Britain over Brexit and Iain Dale think she’s absolutely right to do so.

In a landmark speech outside Downing Street on Wednesday, the Prime Minister accused officials from Brussels of seeking to influence the General Election with their recent tough talk.

It’s after reports emerged that Britain could be forced to pay as much as €100bn (£84.5bn) just to leave the EU.

Labour has accused the PM of stoking a confrontation for appearance’s sake, but Iain said it’s now time to show the country will not “roll over” to the demands of the bloc.

Iain thundered: “Do people want us to just lie down and say ‘anything you want us to throw at us, we’ll just accept meekly because we’re a pathetic little country’.”

He added that Brussels was trying to treat us “like a word I can’t say on the radio”, before finishing: “We’re just not simply going to do that, and that was the message Theresa May sent today, and in my view I think she was absolutely right.”

Watch Iain’s passionate pitch in full above.