Iain’s Blazing Row With Caller Who Blames West For Threatening Peace

29 May 2017, 17:35 | Updated: 29 May 2017, 17:47

When this LBC caller blamed the West for threatening peace across the world, Iain Dale just could not resist telling him why he was wrong.

George in Croydon phoned in after US Senator John McCain said Vladimir Putin was a bigger threat to the world’s security than Isis.

The LBC caller said he felt the greatest danger was the West not “wanting to make peace” with the likes of the Russia.

He also criticised the West’s Middle East policy, branding the intervention in Libya and Syria as “a crime”.

Iain pointed out such military action had the approval of the UN, but that defence wasn’t enough for George.

"Tens of thousands of women and children bombed in their beds - it’s disgusting,” the caller fumed in a passionate rant.

“Are you having a laugh?” Iain responded. “Just listen to yourself… to come on the radio and say ‘tens of thousands’ if it’s something you’ve researched when you’ve clearly made it up off the top of your head.”

That reply only heated the debate further. Watch the pair lock horns above and see whose side you’re on.