Iain’s Robust Case In Favour Of Immigration Amnesty For Grenfell Survivors

5 July 2017, 17:55

Iain Dale has passionately set out why it’s absolutely right to offer survivors from Grenfell Tower a one year immigration amnesty.

The LBC presenter put out a strong argument as officials announced residents that escaped the disaster would not have checks on their status.

Families have been given assurance by the Home Office for 12 months, in a bid to identify all of the victims.

Some LBC listeners aren’t happy with the move, which led Iain to ask where is people’s compassion?

Iain Dale Grenfell Tower
Picture: LBC/PA

He said: “I cannot understand the mentality of somebody who looks at what’s happened in Grenfell Tower and thinks ‘Yeah, I don’t really care what they’ve been through, send them back to where they came from’.

“What sort of person thinks like that?”

The LBC presenter noted that the negative response reminded him of how some people reacted during the refugee crisis.

Grenfell Tower
Picture: PA

He continued: “When you narrow it down and talk about a single person, rather than a refugee or asylum seeker to human beings just like you and me - people think a little bit differently."

Still not in favour of the amnesty? Watch the video above because Iain has a very tough challenge for you.