"I'd rather nobody clapped if they obeyed the rules": NHS worker furious with flouters

12 April 2020, 08:33

By Seán Hickey

This NHS worker insisted there's no point in clapping for the NHS if people ignore guidelines.

Greg is a former paramedic working for the NHS and told Iain Dale that although medical staff are remarkably grateful for the gesture people are making, there is no point in it unless people practice social distancing.

"I've never been prouder to do the job that I do" Greg told Iain. He said that the Clap for the NHS movement "means so much" to him and his colleagues and couldn't thank the public enough for their kindness.

Even though people recognise the work of the NHS with this gesture, Greg from Ryegate told Iain that he spotted neighbours "they're having barbecues and socials in their gardens" with people that don't live with them.

He told Iain he was furious at the sight and couldn't believe how quick people were to pretend everything is normal.

The caller called for people to stop clapping if it meant they'll obey guidelines
The caller called for people to stop clapping if it meant they'll obey guidelines. Picture: PA

"I would much rather nobody clapped and people obeyed rules" Greg told Iain. He stressed that people need to start listening to guidelines if they want to acknowledge the NHS properly.

Greg told Iain that "it doesn't matter how big or small the event is, the guidance is there" and that there is no excuse for any amount of flouting the rules.

He told Iain how he witnessed "people behaving like its business as usual" in his own street and to see people close to him ignoring rules while he works alongside people on the front line, he was frustrated by the ignorance.

"What will get through to these people?" Greg asked Iain.