'It was incoherent': Iain Dale blasts Boris Johnson's 'levelling up' speech

15 July 2021, 21:50

By Sam Sholli

Iain Dale has taken aim at Boris Johnson for an "incoherent" speech on "levelling up" the UK.

The PM gave the speech in Coventry earlier today.

During the speech, the PM said: "I will believe that we've made progress on levelling up when we've begun to raise living standards, spread opportunity, improved our public services and restored people's sense of pride in their community across the whole of the UK."

In response to the speech, Iain said: "Well I watched much of that speech. I thought it was incoherent.

"It lacked any sense of substance. I was no clearer on what he meant by 'levelling up' at the end.

"I do know what 'levelling up' means. But I was no clearer on what the government strategy was at the end of it than at the beginning.

"And that surely means that a speech like that is an absolute dud."

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