Jeremy Hunt Tells LBC Free TV License For MPs Are "Not A Perk"

19 June 2019, 21:04

When Jeremy Hunt was asked if it was fair MPs get a TV license on expenses when pensioners have to pay for it, Mr Hunt said it was fair as it was an "additional cost."

One LBC listener asked Jeremy Hunt if it was fair that MPs could claim the cost of a TV license from the taxpayer when the "most vulnerable" pay for it.

Mr Hunt said he doesn't personally claim the cost of his TV license, and there had been a "very big scandal" with MP expenses. Adding that expenses were decided by an "independent body."

The Tory leadership candidate said if MPs "have to have a second home" because they live outside of London then one "legitimate" expense might be having a TV.

Iain Dale asked how could having a TV be a legitimate expense, to which Mr Hunt said: "The media's a pretty important part of an MPs work."

When Iain asked if it was fair for a 90-year-old to pay a license fee and an MP gets it free, Mr Hunt said: "if you have additional costs because of your work," not a perk Mr Hunt clarified. Adding "that is fair."

"It's a perk, isn't it?" Iain asked.

Watch the exchange at the top of the page to find out Mr Hunt's answer, or watch the whole Jeremy Hunt leadership debate here.