Iain Dale: I Don't Trust Juncker. Here's Why You Shouldn't Either

2 May 2017, 16:46

Iain Dale: Jean-Claude Juncker has complete and utter contempt for democracy - so why are so many Remainers taking him so seriously?

An alleged row between Theresa May and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made headlines this weekend, with claims that Juncker had said he was now more sceptical about the idea of doing a deal with Britain. 

For his part, Iain was taken aback at how much credence was given to Juncker and what he reportedly said.

"It's shocked me over the weekend, that people I respect...have swallowed this hook line and sinker, as if anything that [Juncker] says...has to be the gospel truth," said Iain.

"In these situations, people spin, they exaggerate and yes they lie.

"Jean-Claude Juncker has a bit of a record for this. So why is it that some people that I would describe as arch-Remainers actually swallow everything he says and yet questions any version the British government puts out?

"I don't understand that as an attitude."

Iain continued by listing some past quotes of the EU Commission President, including "when it becomes serious, you have to lie", something the Luxembourg politician said about the Greek economic crisis in 2011.

"This is a man who has complete and utter contempt for democracy.

"He has complete and utter contempt for the citizens of the European Union.

"And yet, by and large, the British media falls down at his feet and believes every single word he says. Well I do not do that."