Labour And Brexit Party Candidates In Fiery Clash Over No-Deal Brexit

17 May 2019, 12:29 | Updated: 17 May 2019, 13:55

During an EU election debate, things got heated when a Labour MEP and a Brexit Party candidate went head to head over a no-deal Brexit.

During a debate on the impact of a no-deal Brexit Lance Forman suggested the country will save "£13bn a year" when the UK leaves the EU.

Labour's Seb Dance can be heard sighing and asking "how much are we losing?"

"None of us have a crystal ball," the Brexit Party's Lance Forman fired back, pointing out he is a business person.

"We will be saving £39bn," Mr Forman claimed, before Seb Dance interrupted saying "no we won't, no we won't."

"You're doing the £350m a week again," Mr Dance said, referring to an EU referendum campaign bus which said the NHS would be £350m a week better off if the UK left the EU.

"You're driving a metaphorical bus thought this conversation," the Labour MEP said.

The Labour MEP and Brexit Party candidate went head to head during an EU election debate.
The Labour MEP and Brexit Party candidate went head to head during an EU election debate. Picture: LBC

As the row starts to get heated Mr Dance asked the Brexit Party candidate, who owns a luxury smoked salmon business, how he would deal with "just in time food delivery for supermarkets?"

"I'm in the food business" Mr Forman fires back, "and I have a just in time business. I can tell you about that!"

The Labour MEP replied that he can talk about it as well as he's "visited the port of Rotterdam" and "spoken to Dutch customs officials."

Mr Dance said the "just in time" system means an order is placed at 5am and it appears on the supermarket shelves at 3pm.

"Just in time isn't about speed," Mr Forman said, "it's about understanding."

But the Labour MEP said it is about speed. "The clue is in the name."

"I'm in the just in time business, so please don't lecture me," the luxury salmon business owner replied.

Watch the whole fiery exchange at the top of the page, or watch the debate in full here.