Labour MP Kim Leadbeater: Sir David Amess was an MP for the right reasons

18 October 2021, 22:32 | Updated: 18 October 2021, 22:40

By Sam Sholli

Labour MP Kim Leadbeater has spoken to Iain Dale, after she paid tribute in the House of Commons to murdered MP Sir David Amess.

Father-of-five Sir David was stabbed to death on Friday at a constituency surgery.

Speaking after the death of Sir David, the Labour MP told LBC's Iain Dale that "things don't happen in a vacuum".

The Batley and Spen MP, who is the sister of the late Jo Cox, added: "And if we have got a culture and a climate of anger and of toxicity then it can only fuel the extremes, and that's what worries me."

She also said "there is a piece of work to be done about how we conduct ourselves as politicians that will have an impact on broader society".

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Speaking about the atmosphere in the Commons as tributes were paid to Sir David, the Labour MP said: "Do you know what was really lovely? There was a lot of humour. There was a huge amount of warmth.

"And I couldn't contribute in terms of my relationship with David because I didn't know him. But you got a real sense of the man.

"And I think there's probably a huge amount I would have disagreed with David on politically, but he was in this job for the right reasons. He wanted to make a difference.

"And he was a very good example of a constituency MP who cared about the community that he represented, and that really came across in the chamber."

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