Labour's Peer Tells Brexiteer NOT To Vote Labour

5 September 2018, 21:36

In response to a caller's question, "which political party should a liberal-minded, disabled Brexiteer vote for," Lord Andrew Adonis, a Labour peer, ruled out his own party.

During Iain Dale's first instalment of Cross Question, a roundtable discussion with politicians and commentators, Thomas from Worthing asked the panel which party should he vote for as "a liberal-minded, disabled Brexiteer."

And Lord Andrew Adonis, a Labour peer gave a surprising answer.

He said: "If you are a Brexiteer, I hope you won't vote for the Labour party because they're moving increasingly against Brexit.

"So I wouldn't I wouldn't vote Labour if you want to stop Brexit."

But Gisela Stuart, the former co-chair of Vote Leave, was confused by Lord Adonis' response.

She said: "I'm slightly puzzled, you still are a Labour member of the House of Lords, you take the Labour whip but you're telling people not to vote Labour?"

Lord Adonis replied: "I'm saying if what you want is Brexit delivered, you should vote for the party which is going to deliver Brexit which I'm afraid is the Conservatives."