Liberation of Bergen-Belsen: extraordinary stories 75 years on

15 April 2020, 21:43 | Updated: 15 April 2020, 21:44

By Fiona Jones

75 years ago today British troops liberated Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. These remarkable interviews are essential listening for all.

75 years ago today, British troops found 53,000 prisoners, the majority of whom were emaciated and suffering from disease.

LBC spoke to Jonathan Dimbleby, son of famous BBC war correspondent Richard Dimbleby, has retraced his father's footsteps to make the remarkable documentary ‘Return to Belsen’.

Eye-opening, chilling and intensely humbling, this interview is essential listening for all.

Watch the full interview above.

LBC also spoke to Mrs Lasker-Wallfisch, a 94 year old survivor who was liberated from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She'd previously been in Auschwitz.

This is her extraordinary story.

Watch the full interview above.