Mark Harper Doesn't Know Why He Doesn't Have A Cabinet Role

5 June 2019, 21:20 | Updated: 6 June 2019, 07:00

Prospective Tory party leader Mark Harper told LBC that he didn't know why the Prime Minister hadn't given him a Cabinet job but admitted he may have offended her.

When Iain Dale asked Conservative leadership candidate & MP for the Forest of Dean Mark Harper why he had never had a job in Theresa May's government the MP replied that the "obvious answer" was that she hadn't asked him.

Adding that the brutal answer was that he didn't know why he hadn't been asked to join the Cabinet.

Mr Harper said that many of his colleagues had said to him that they were "astounded" that he was not in the government, and that many had said he would "bring something to the Cabinet table."

The MP said this was part of the reason he was willing to put himself forward for the "top job."

When Iain asked if he had done something to offend Mrs May the Forest of Dean MP said: "maybe I have."

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