Matt Hancock: It Is "Irrefutable" Jewish People Live In Fear Of Labour Getting Into Power

12 June 2019, 21:41 | Updated: 12 June 2019, 21:50

Matt Hancock tells LBC that Jewish people "live in fear" of the Labour party, or at least its leadership.

During a 'One Nation' Conservative Party hustings in Parliament, leadership contender Matt Hancock described Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-Semite.

Mr Hancock said if Mr Corbyn became PM, the UK "could end up with the first anti-Semitic leader of a Western nation since the Second World War."

When Iain Dale said his comments had shocked quite a lot of people. Mr Hancock replied saying "I think it's true, you can see by those things he's defended, the symbols that he's defended," adding that the Labour leader had defended a mural in East London which was anti-Semitic.

The Tory leadership hopeful said that he was worried by the "impact" Mr Corbyn's leadership of the Labour party has had.

Mr Hancock said it was "irrefutable" that the UK has a "religious minority who live in fear of one of our major political parties, or at least its leadership."

He added that members of the Jewish community "fear" the Labour party getting in power.

Iain put it to Mr Hancock that he was going over the top, maybe playing to an audience, the Tory MP denied it, and said he believed it.

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