Meghan Markle "has stolen our Prince," says caller

8 January 2020, 22:25

Meghan Markle "has stolen our prince" and while the British public welcomed her with open arms Prince Harry is now "completely under her control", said this caller.

The caller Sam said that any public dislike of Meghan Markle is "nothing to do with race", but instead that she has "stolen our prince."

Prince Harry was "the most popular royal this country has had for many years," she said, "he had the humility of his mother. He married a woman who was welcomed to this country with open arms, beautiful lady, and it was a wonderful wonderful wedding. We wanted her and him to be happy.

"Then she decided to be a prima donna; by accounts of newspapers she sacked all sorts of nannies, all sorts of bodyguards and we started to disrespect her," said Sam, "and that's where it all started, her behaviour of normal people."

LBC's Iain Dale corrected, "As reported by these newspapers."

Sam conceded that it is alleged and continued that Prince Harry is a "puppy dog and his little eyes fluttered and off he went with his wife and now he is completely under her control. He was a real ambassador, he and his brother were the future."

When Iain pointed out Harry has can make his own decisions, Sam countered, "Like a lot of guys, he follows his bits and bobs. I think bits and bobs do a lot these days."

"Probably always have, Sam, to be honest," said Iain.