Michael Gove's Kitchen Analogy Falls Flat With This Brexit Voter

20 June 2019, 07:35

Michael Gove likened a two-day Brexit delay with getting a new kitchen and just waiting a couple of days for the hob - but his analogy fell very flat with this Leave voter.

In an exclusive phone-in on LBC with Iain Dale, Elizabeth from Clacton called Mr Gove to insist that the UK must leave the EU by 31st October with no delays whatsoever.

But the Environment Secretary explained to her: "Let's imagine that you were having a new kitchen fitted. The people said you were going to have it all in by the 31st.

"Let's imagine on October 31st, you had a wonderful new fridge, a great dishwasher and a cooker, but the hob hadn't arrived for the cooker.

"Would you say at that time, 'rip out my kitchen, it has not all been delivered on October 31st'. Or would you wait a day or two for the hob to come in order to make sure that your perfect new kitchen was there?"

Michael Gove tried out a Brexit kitchen analogy
Michael Gove tried out a Brexit kitchen analogy. Picture: PA / LBC

He sat back, feeling he'd made his point. But Elizabeth then responded: "I would rip it out, we've been ripped out enough."

Mr Gove continued: "So if your kitchen was 98% installed, all you needed was the hob and it would take one extra day, you would say it doesn't matter how much time and money has been spent on it, rip it out, I'd go back to the manky old kitchen I had before?"

Elizabeth wasn't backing down: "Yes, I'd want my money back."

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