Michael Gove Reveals What He'd Say To An Offer Of A Cabinet Seat

9 May 2017, 17:40 | Updated: 9 May 2017, 17:58

The former Secretary of State for Education made very clear how he would respond to an offer of a cabinet position from Theresa May.

"I want a yes no answer to this: If Theresa May offered you a seat in the cabinet, assuming you're re-elected, would you take it?" Iain asked.

"Yes." Mr Gove replied, without hesitation.

He lost his cabinet place when Theresa May assumed leadership of the party - a position he ran for and lost - and made Justine Greening Secretary of State for Education, sending Mr Gove to the back benches.

Iain asked him if he had his eye on any particular post. Maybe a return to education?

"I don't anticipate the call coming." Mr Gove confessed.

He said that Theresa May understandably wanted to bring in her own team after becoming the party leader and that he was happy working on the back benches.

Iain asked if maybe Mrs May left the door open for his return when she got rid of him after defeating Mr Gove in the leadership election.

"No. She was incredibly polite and nice, but also clear that she needed a new team. And quite right. I think a Prime Minister should have the opportunity to have the team that he or she wants.

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