Nigel Farage Defends His Attendance Of "Pointless" EU Fisheries Committee

28 April 2019, 13:20

Iain Dale called out Nigel Farage over his attendance of EU Fisheries Committee meetings despite citing the fisheries policy in his campaigns for Brexit.

Iain Dale put to The Brexit Party leader that he had 'changed his mind' over a Norway-style Brexit.

But the interview took a turn when Mr Farage linked the Norway option to the row over the common fisheries policy.

"All this talk of Norway, nobody's talked about fishing!" he said.

"We'd be Norway without the fish!"

Iain interrupted, asking: "If you were so exercised by fishing, why have you only attended one out of 42 of these committee meetings?"

Mr Farage replied: "Because we want to leave the European Union."

Iain said: "But if you were attend the meetings you can shape the policy, can't you? But you haven't been attending them!"

But Mr Farage replied: "There was no legal role, no legislative role in that committee whatsoever, you couldn't do a thing. It was pointless.

"We've spent 45 years inside the European project arguing we can reform it from within, we haven't, we are leaving."

Watch above.