Blonde For The Donald? Farage’s Hilarious Response To Claims He Has Dyed His Hair

28 June 2018, 17:22 | Updated: 28 June 2018, 18:10

Nigel Farage has laughed off claims he has dyed his hair blonde in the style of his friend Donald Trump.

The LBC presenter appeared on a TV interview from the EU Parliament on Thursday with what appeared to be lighter than normal coloured hair.

It sent social media into meltdown as viewers speculated whether he had dyed his hair to match that of the US President.

Nigel Farage appeared on Sky News with what looked like blonde hair
Nigel Farage appeared on Sky News with what looked like blonde hair. Picture: Sky News/LBC

But, speaking to Iain Dale, the Ukip MEP denied he had turned his barnet blonde and couldn't believe it had caused so much debate.

“You just can’t believe it can you, you just can’t believe it” he quipped.

“Some think I’ve dyed my hair, others think Mr Juncker has given me a halo - you pays your money you takes your choice.”

Insisting it was a reflection from the sun, Nigel continued: “Here we are, Mrs Merkel is about to fall, the EU that I’ve fought to bring down is on the edge of destroying itself and all they can talk about is the sunshine on my hair.”

His denial hasn't stopped Twitter users speculating all day though.

One wrote: "Nigel Farage on Sky News, appears to have have become a bottle blonde in Trumpian tribute".

Another added: "I think Nigel Farage went to the hairdresser and asked for a Donald Trump".

Watch his brilliant reaction in full above.