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UKIP leadership  debate

Spanish Caller Confronts UKIP Leadership Hopefuls

Ages ago

Iain Rees

Ukip Leadership Hopeful "Implodes" Over Racism And Gay Rights

Ages ago

Ukip Debate Wide

Ukip Leadership Debate: Live On LBC - Watch In Full

Ages ago

Donald Trump Point

Mexican Caller: 'Clinton's Email Scandal Is So Serious, My Brother Is Voting Trump'

Ages ago

James McVey

The Vamps' James McVey Calls Iain Dale About Mental Health

Ages ago

Uber London

Labour Shadow Minister Calls On Govt. To Protect Workers From Uber

Ages ago

Ukip Leadership Candidates

Ukip Leadership Debate: Live With Iain Dale On 1st November

Ages ago

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke: "Boris Wouldn’t Be Foreign Sec In Normal Circumstances"

Ages ago

Iain Dale angry

Spanish Woman's Bullying Story That Made Iain Feel Ashamed

Ages ago

Alex Salmond serious

The Alex Salmond Phone-In: Live From 5:30pm

John McDonnell

John McDonnell Calls Govt. Third Runway Decision "Appalling"

Ages ago

Suzanne Evans Ukip Raheem Kassam

Suzanne Evans Says Raheem Kassam Doesn’t Have Qualities To Lead Ukip

Ages ago

Iain Dale awkward

WATCH: Trump Supporter Refuses To Say If She Supports His Policies

Ken Loach on hunger

Ken Loach On Benefits: "Hunger Is Used As a Weapon"

Alex Salmond on Nigel Farage

Alex Salmond's Powerful Response To Accusation Of "Spitting On Soldiers' Graves"

Ken Loach On LBC

Iain Dale Interviews British Director Ken Loach

Ages ago

Alex Salmond LBC Studio Wide

The Alex Salmond Phone-In: Live On LBC From 5pm

Iain Dale grilling

Iain Dale Grills Tim Farron Over Member's Anti-Semitic Remarks