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McGovern Screener

Labour MP Fights Back Tears Over Anti-Semitism Comments

Ages ago

Steve Rotherham

'Corbyn Is The Most Honest Politician I Know'

Ages ago

McDonnell Phillips LBC Head In Hands

Jess Phillips Comes Very, Very Close To Calling John McDonnell A Misogynist

Ages ago

Iain Dale Counter Point

Iain's Beautiful Counter To Woman Who Says Homosexuality Is Hatred

Iain Dale Listening To Callers

Amazing Call - Liverpool And London Labour Supporters Clash Over Corbyn

100 On The Left

Iain Dale's 100 Most Influential People On The Left

Ages ago

Lord Lawson Mark Carney

Lord Lawson: Carney Should Stand Down Over Brexit "Scaremongering"

Ages ago

Jeremy Corbyn Coffee Shop

Caller's Corbyn Coffee Shop Analogy Sums Up How His Critics Feel

Ages ago

Iain Dale Laugh Hands

Iain Explodes With Laughter At Pro-Trump Caller

Ages ago

Iain Dale Featherstone

Iain Dale Challenges Lib Dems For Not Accepting Brexit

Ages ago

Middle East Debate LBC

LBC's Middle East Debate: Ask Me Anything

Ages ago

Middle East Debate

Israel/Palestine - Watch LBC's Middle East Debate

Ages ago

Middle East Debatae hand shake

Middle East Debate: Ambassadors Shake Hands On Camera

Ages ago

Owen Smith LBC Studio

Owen Smith Talks Tough On Momentum In LBC Interview

Ages ago

Alex Salmond Brexit

Salmond Says Scotland "Should Block Brexit"

Ages ago

David Cameron To Parliament

Sir Craig Oliver Calls Cameron “The Quiet Revolutionary”

David Cameron Luton

Farage: “I Thank David Cameron For Insulting Ukip”

Ages ago

Iain Dale Assad

Iain's Effortless Take Down Of Ranting Caller

Ages ago