People’s Vote Campaigner Accuses Brexiteer Of “Lies” In On-Air Bust Up

11 March 2019, 20:49

A People’s Vote campaigner told ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis’ former chief of staff to “stop saying silly stuff that isn’t true” during an on-air bust up.

Tom Baldwin, director of communications for the People’s Vote campaign, clashed with Stewart Jackson on Monday night.

The pair fought as Theresa May held last-minute talks with the EU’s Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.

MPs are due to vote on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on Tuesday.

Tom Baldwin battled Stewart Jackson on Monday night
Tom Baldwin battled Stewart Jackson on Monday night. Picture: LBC

But, during Iain Dale’s debate, Mr Jackson appeared to touch a nerve with his counterpart when he claimed former PM Tony Blair was the “face of the so-called People’s Vote”.

“You keep saying stuff that’s untrue,” Mr Baldwin hit back.

“This is how 2016 was conducted, you throw around allegations hoping some mud sticks - it’s just silly,” he added.

It erupted from there on after and you can watch it unfold above.