Peter Hitchens: PM 'hugely irresponsible' two years ago when he 'shut down the country.'

21 February 2022, 22:22 | Updated: 22 February 2022, 08:58

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment when journalist Peter Hitchens said he thought Boris Johnson was "hugely irresponsible two years ago when he shut down the country".

The Mail on Sunday columnist made the remark while appearing on LBC's Cross Question, after the Prime Minister announced all remaining Covid legal restrictions in England are going to be scrapped.

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock today in the House of Commons said "we're the first major country in the world to be past the pandemic".

Speaking of Boris Johnson, Mr Hitchens said:"I thought that he was hugely irresponsible two years ago when he shut down the country."

Mr Hitchens also said: "I've always said that it was a huge overreaction, immensely damaging and unjustified by the circumstances.

"It was like a man who discovers a wasp's nest and sets fire to his house to get rid of it.

"It was and continues to be a huge overreaction."

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