Watch in Full: Iain Dale interviews Peter Shilton and Steph Shilton on gambling addiction

16 September 2021, 21:38

By Seán Hickey

You can watch Iain Dale's full interview with Peter and Steph Shilton here.

Peter Shilton opened up about his gambling addiction with Iain Dale.

The former England goalkeeper spoke with his wife Steph upon the release of their book Saved: Overcoming a 45-year gambling addiction.

He traced the origins of his addiction back to his early life, as a teenager when his father had a big win.

Steph Shilton told Iain about how she came to realise Mr Shilton's addiction and how she worked to help him overcome it.

The pair detailed the withdrawals Mr Shilton went through as he battled through the early stages of quitting gambling for good.

Watch Iain Dale's interview with Peter and Steph Shilton above.