Protester Who Stormed Stage At Esther McVey's Launch Calls Her LBC Phone-In

12 June 2019, 07:15 | Updated: 12 June 2019, 07:22

The Brexit protester who stormed the stage during Esther McVey's leadership launch to shout "fake news" at the media called in to her LBC phone-in to explain why he did it.

Graham Moore interrupted the event to demand the media report the court action he is a part of that insists the UK has already left the European Union.

As Ms McVey took part in her LBC phone-in with Iain Dale to promote her bid to be the next Conservative Party leader, Mr Moore called in.

Graham Moore called into Esther McVey's LBC phone-in
Graham Moore called into Esther McVey's LBC phone-in. Picture: PA / LBC

Wanting to correct some of the reporting of the incident, he said: "I was the guy who got up on the stage yesterday and I apologise if I frightened you.

"The first thing I would say to you is that I allowed you to finish your speech because I wanted you to make your speech. It's been reported that I interrupted your speech. Well I certainly would not do that.

"The second thing that was reported is that I snatched the mic, which is difficult to do when it was attached to the lectern.

"The reason I got up on that stage is that I am a passionate constitutionalist. I do not believe in left or right politics.

"My question to you is quite simple: why have you used the constitution with a prerog, but will not talk about this case which is in the High Court being placed there by Robin Tilbrooke, has been crowdfunded by normal everyday people - not by investment bankers.

"The fake news media was wall-to-wall with Gina Miller, every MP was talking about the case."

Ms McVey responded: "You're right, you didn't frighten me, you didn't interrupt my speech.

"What he was saying is that we should have come out on the 29th March. He was saying everything else is fake news."