Quitting junk food will reduce risk of dying from coronavirus says cardiologist

3 May 2020, 12:45 | Updated: 3 May 2020, 12:59

By Seán Hickey

A cardiologist has insisted that reducing the amount of junk food you eat will significantly reduce your chance of dying from coronavirus.

Dr Aseem Malhotra is a cardiologist and professor of evidence-based medicine and wrote an article outlining the need for the British public to underline the dangers of obesity.

Iain asked Dr Malhotra "why are people who are obese more likely to die of Covid-19?" The reply of the cardiologist was shocking.

Dr Malhotra told Iain that people who are obese and are suffering with diseases related to obesity have a "tenfold increase in death" from coronavirus. Because of the health issues associated with obesity, the cardiologist told LBC that obese people have a "significantly higher chance of hospitalisation and death" from the virus.

He noted that "poor diet is the biggest factor of putting stress on our healthcare system" but assured the public that they "can reverse these risk factors very quickly". "30 minutes of exercise is the best thing you can do for you health" and taking action such as this will greatly reduce your risk of succumbing to coronavirus.

This cardiologist insisted we need to address the risks of carrying excess weight
This cardiologist insisted we need to address the risks of carrying excess weight. Picture: PA

Dr Malhotra added that Public Health England isn't acting quickly or efficiently enough to fight obesity and is shooting itself in the foot as a result. He noted that "75% of food bought in hospitals is unhealthy" and that "dietary advice has become corrupted" because of funding from junk food companies.

Iain agreed with everything Dr Malhotra had to say, pointing out that his own blood sugars have improved greatly and he has lost weight during the lockdown. As someone who is diabetic, Iain stated that "realising lockdown is improving your health is a weird thing."

The cardiologist was impressed by Iain's revelations and announced "the time is now to tell the public to change their diet" going further to tell the public that they "could significantly reduce your risk of dying from covid-19 by changing your diet."

Dr Malhotra went further to predict a possible change in coronavirus strategy in the coming months if the UK was to adopt a healthier diet, stating that "if our population is healthier we may not need to lockdown next time we have an outbreak."

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