"Rambling" And "Ludicrous": Dominic Raab Hits Out At Rory Stewart

18 June 2019, 10:15

Dominic Raab has labelled Rory Stewart "rambling" and says his claim that he wouldn't serve under Boris Johnson is "ludicrous".

Mr Stewart has risen to second favourite in the Conservative after a campaign which has really gained traction. He has said he wouldn't work under Boris, but would reach out to Nigel Farage's Brexit Party.

Ahead of the second vote in the Tory leadership election, the former Brexit Secretary told LBC: "That's a ludicrous assertion to make and it's almost impossible to square.

"Rory, for all of the very eloquent, intellectual pontification and rambling that he engages in, is actually beginning to turn into quite a populist himself.

Dominic Raab hit out at "rambling" Rory Stewart
Dominic Raab hit out at "rambling" Rory Stewart. Picture: PA / LBC

"He talks a lot about realism, but he's talking about a deal that's failed three or four times in parliament back and banging his head against the wall again.

"The only way you can do that is by proroguing and even then it's clear it would fail."

Both Mr Raab and Mr Stewart needs to get to 32 votes or face being eliminated from the Tory leadership contest.

Here's how the Tory leadership vote will happen.