Ranting Anti-Immigrant Caller Gets An Education From Iain

1 December 2016, 16:47 | Updated: 1 December 2016, 17:47

Iain Dale Head In Hands

A very angry caller went on a long rant about how immigration is causing huge problems for housing, public services and is even responsible for traffic jams. Iain Dale's reaction was spot on.

Dan is so worked up about the issue that he volunteered to bring the last Labour government "to the Tower" for what he called the "betrayal" of letting "too many" immigrant in.

"In less than one lifetime, 60 years, successive governments have basically socially engineered and changed our country against our will," said Dan. "Let's curb the numbers, we don't want this many."

"Most people will agree that immigration is a good thing. But that's not what we've had.

"We've had 60 years of mass uncontrolled immigration against most of our wishes. Why do you think that white Britain has left London? Why have we left the major cities that we grew up in?"

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That last comment really riled Iain, who had to correct Dan: "That kind of sentence just exposes your real views. The so-called 'white Britain' has been leaving London for 50,60 years!

"Londoners have been leaving London forever and it's got nothing to do with immigration.

"And if it has? Shame on the people who left London because of immigration."

Iain proceeded to give Dan a history lesson in what immigrants had contributed to the NHS and other public services. "Are you seriously telling me that you think those people should be sent back to their countries?

"28% of the doctors and nurses in this country come from overseas. Good luck replacing them with people from your 'white Britain'!"