David Davis: Remainers will realise Brexit was nothing to worry about

1 January 2021, 12:46

By Seán Hickey

The former Brexit Secretary assured the public that concerns about leaving the EU will dissipate as the UK begins its new chapter.

"When most of the threatened problems don't materialise, that'll be more important than the benefits," David Davis told Iain Dale.

He claimed that concerns around studying abroad, backlogs at Dover and mass exodus of multinationals are unfounded and will soon be debunked, as the UK embarks on life outside of the EU.

"People will suddenly realise they were fretting about nothing."

The former Brexit Secretary told LBC that in the coming weeks and months there will be "quite a lot of resetting people's views" on the benefits of Brexit.

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David Davis said that concerns about Brexit will quickly be resolved
David Davis said that concerns about Brexit will quickly be resolved. Picture: PA

"We will find that only a small, rather bitter minority will carry on this argument and people will stop paying attention."

Iain mentioned that although there are widespread claims that the Brexit deal is a bad deal, the ERG and prominent Brexiteers such as Nigel Farage back the deal. He wondered if Mr Davis thought the UK could have gotten a better deal.

"It takes me more than a week to read 1200 pages," Mr Davis pointed out, revealing he hasn't made it all the way through the deal yet.

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He added that there are bound to be stumbling blocks within the text that the EU insisted on.

"The hard truth is that the European Union has a reputation of being really tough on administering its rights in treaties, whether dealing with internal members of the union or externally," Mr Davis said, warning that the EU will implement the deal "as tightly as they can in their own favour."

Mr Davis claimed that the real challenge for Boris Johnson going forward is "how do we maximise the benefits of our sovereignty without getting into rows with the European Union."