'They're totally brainwashed': Russian caller is sent invasion videos with 'thumbs up'

24 February 2022, 21:23 | Updated: 24 February 2022, 21:32

This Russian caller says she can't talk to her 'brainwashed' mother

By Tim Dodd

This emotional Russian caller says she can't talk to her "brainwashed" mother who's sent her videos of Putin's troops invading Ukraine with "thumbs up" emojis.

It comes as Vladimir Putin has ordered a military operation in Ukraine as explosions were heard early on Thursday in the capital of Kyiv.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson said President Putin is a "bloodstained aggressor" who was "always determined" to attack Ukraine, as he unveiled a tougher package of sanctions against Russia.

"I'm from Russia, originally... I called up to the radio because I feel so angry, I need to talk to someone," caller Elena said.

"The reason I feel so angry... When I talk to my mother, because she's still in Russia, she's totally supporting Putin.

"They're totally brainwashed. I've been in Russia recently and I experienced it myself. Because during the prime time at 6 o'clock, when, say, 60 and 70-year-old people are sitting and eating their dinner, there is a one hour television programme and they're talking about - and not in a nice way - in a very bad way about Ukraine, America, NATO, Europe.

"Normal people are taking it as the truth."

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Elena continued: "I can't talk to my mother because it's like talking to the wall, literally.

"Even today, they're sending me those videos with the Russians going into Ukraine and she's putting thumbs up, she's supporting them."

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