Salmond Says: Empty Chair PM If She Refuses TV Debate

26 April 2017, 17:38 | Updated: 26 April 2017, 19:30

The SNP MP criticised Theresa May for not taking part in televised debates and suggested it was because she can't think quickly enough.

During the Alex Salmond Phone-In on Iain Dale's drive time show, the former Scottish First Minister said that the Prime Minister, for her many talents, was not "quick on her feet", which explained her avoidance of a live debate.

"I would say I don't think Theresa May, who has, no doubts, many strengths as a politician, is particularly quick on her feet.

"She's fine when she's rousing the Tory troops for another diatribe directed at Jeremy Corbyn, but when she's pinned on a question, she's not quick on her feet. And one thing you have to be in a leaders debate is quick on your feet."

In response to May's reluctance to debate, Salmond suggested Corbyn should use it to his advantage if broadcasters 'empty chair' her.

"His right tactic now would be to say to the broadcasters 'I'm going on. I'm here. I want to be prime minister. I'll take on all comers, and the Prime Minister herself won't turn up you should have an empty chair and advertise the point."

But if Jeremy Corbyn also refuses the debate, he says they should both empty chaired.