Scottish caller makes series of claims about Tories but can't back any of them up

24 July 2020, 12:31

By Adrian Sherling

This Scottish caller made a range of claims about Boris Johnson and the Conservatives - so surely she could find one example to back them up to Iain Dale.

The Prime Minister made a visit north of the border yesterday as the polls showed rising backing for Scottish independence.

Claire called in from Glasgow to explain how the Tories are viewed in Scotland, blaming them for stoking racism and sectarianism.

But when Iain asked her for one example to back up her argument, she couldn't.

She said: "I've had enough and lots of people in Scotland have had enough. Boris Johnson creates division.

"The Unionism doesn't help the sectarian problem in Scotland. He's deliberately fuelled that up to create more sectarianism."

But Iain asked her for evidence of that and all she had was something she had read on Facebook.

A caller couldn't back up any of her arguments about Boris Johnson
A caller couldn't back up any of her arguments about Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC / PA

After a couple more rows about Boris Johnson and the NHS, Iain told her: "You've come out with three whoppers so far and you can't back up any of them.

"I don't know where you're getting all this fiction from."

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