Sex Worker's Passionate Plea For The Decriminalisation Of Prostitution

31 March 2017, 18:50

This sex worker phoned Iain Dale during a discussion about prostitution to eloquently sum up why it needs to be decriminalised.

An economics lecturer at Cambridge University, Victoria Bateman, has said that women have as much right to earn money from their bodies as "soldiers and boxers" 

Writing for the Times Higher Education magazine, Dr Bateman said: “For society to be inconsistent is one thing. For supposedly rational economists to be likewise is another. As a profession, we economists need to be standing up to irrational societal norms."

That's when Charlotte, a sex worker, phoned into Iain Dale's LBC show to explain why Dr Bateman was right to say what she said. 

Watch the clip above to hear her passionately sum up why prostitution needs to be decriminalised.