Shadow Minister Struggles To Clarify Labour’s Stance On The Customs Union

15 August 2017, 17:59 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:54

A shadow minister struggled to explain Labour’s position on remaining in the customs union, despite being repeatedly asked by Iain Dale.

Shadow international trade minister Bill Esterson was unable to tell the LBC presenter how long he felt a transitional arrangement with the EU should last.

It comes as the Government set out the UK’s preferred position on customs arrangements for after Britain leaves the bloc.

Iain Dale corners shadow minister over Labour's position on the customs union.
Picture: LBC/PA

It wants a “temporary” customs union implemented post-Brexit to avoid a “cliff-edge” for business.

Mr Esterson said Labour would also like to see a “transitional period” but he berated the Conservatives for putting a time limit on it.

So when Iain repeatedly asked how long a temporary arrangement would last under Labour, the shadow minister would not give a specified time.

“I’m not putting a time figure on it,” Mr Esterson said after being asked a number of times.

He was then pushed on whether Labour would take Britain out of the customs union at all, to which he responded: "All cards are on the table".

Watch the interview above.