Single mum's powerful response to troll who said she got pregnant for a free house

5 February 2020, 16:38 | Updated: 5 February 2020, 16:39

This is the moment a single mum gave a powerful response to a troll who listened in to her call on LBC and said she got pregnant "for a flat."

The caller Katie, who had lived in Harlow her entire life, had a baby last year and found her hourly rate was less than the hourly rate for childcare.

After claiming Universal Credit she found the more hours she worked, the less funds she got from the government, and she calculated that if she quit her job altogether she'd be £60 0r £70 better off.

Katie said there is a "stigma" surrounding benefit claimers as society believes they "sit around and do nothing" but that just isn't the case- in reality she was "penalised for working."

She works to "keep her sanity" and prevent herself from getting labelled as a young single mum claiming benefits.

Iain put a text to her from a listener saying Katie had a baby to "get a flat."

Katie responded powerfully, telling Iain how her contraceptive didn't work effectively and that in fact she'd always been a diligent worker, having had a job since she was 15.

Instead, she said, she'd love nothing more than to buy herself and her son a house "but these things happen and you can't plan life."

Iain agreed and said, "Everyone has a different story and every likes to sit in judgement of people and that's the problem... you have no idea what's going on behind the headline."