Sir Nicholas Soames Phones LBC With Advice For Corbynista Who’s Off To Eton

23 January 2019, 13:48 | Updated: 23 January 2019, 16:15

Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames phoned LBC to offer advice to an east London Labour activist who has accepted a £76,000 scholarship at Eton College.

Teenager Hasan Patel lives in a two-bed council flat with his parents and two brothers in Leyton.

Last year, he spoke at the Labour Party conference and became the youngest ever speaker to do so.

The grandson of Winston Churchill phoned LBC with some advice
The grandson of Winston Churchill phoned LBC with some advice. Picture: LBC/PA

Now, the Jeremy Corbyn fan has been awarded a place at the prestigious college, whose alumnus includes David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

And after an LBC phone-in on the subject, Sir Winston Churchill’s grandson and self-described old Etonian phoned Iain Dale.

“It’s a wonderful story and brilliant achievement of this young man to have done so well,” Sir Nicholas said.

“Eton will benefit greatly from having him there.”

And, the MP for Mid Sussex had some advice for the 16-year-old.

“Enjoy. Be yourself, be your own self and you’ll find yourself with very good friends who will look after you and help you,” he continued.

“And you’ll be able to look after and help them too.”

Watch the moment above.