'That is just a lie' - Iain Dale challenges this Covid sceptic caller

30 March 2021, 21:03

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the moment Iain Dale clashed with a Covid sceptic caller and called her out for lying over numbers of cases.

When this caller told LBC's Iain Dale that she didn't want the Covid vaccine and claimed the numbers of Covid cases had been exaggerated, the presenter was swift to challenge her.

Sarah told LBC she thought "the numbers are not accurate," claiming she lives near to a hospital and she only had to wait 15 minutes to be seen when she went to A&E "because the hospitals are absolutely empty."

"Oh please," Iain rebuked the caller asking her where she had been for the last year. The LBC presenter asked if she thought NHS workers were lying about the numbers of patients in their hospitals.

The caller shot back claiming the numbers have been "exaggerated and inflated."

Iain pointed out to the caller that listeners who work within hospitals would be annoyed by these claims, "that is just a lie, Sarah."

The conversation comes after the Business Secretary admitted mistrust of the government is partially responsible for a lower uptake of the coronavirus vaccine among some Uk communities.

Official figures show older people from black African backgrounds are 7 times less likely to get the Covid jab - compared to white people.

Earlier Sir Lenny Henry urged black people in Britain to get the covid vaccine, following concerns of low uptake.

In the letter signed by a number of famous figures, he acknowledged what he calls "legitimate worries"

But he says "it's time people trusted doctors and scientists"