Labour's John Mann Sets Out The Two Choices MPs Now Face With Brexit

16 January 2019, 20:58

A Brexit-supporting Labour MP has laid out the two choices Parliament now faces: Leaving the EU with a deal or a second referendum.

John Mann told Iain Dale those options were the only ones that could command a majority in the House of Commons.

He spoke after Theresa May’s government survived a vote of no confidence which was tabled by Jeremy Corbyn.

After winning by a majority of 19, the PM said she would speak with party leaders in a bid to break the Brexit deadlock.

John Mann MP joined Iain Dale on Wednesday
John Mann MP joined Iain Dale on Wednesday. Picture: LBC

Mr Mann, who represents the Leave constituency of Bassetlaw, appeared to suggest no-deal was not an option.

“It is quite clear that it will either be some kind of deal that gets through or a second referendum,” he told Iain Dale.

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