Theo Paphitis: The only thing Boris has delivered is to 'f*** business'

16 June 2022, 21:31

By Tim Dodd

Former Dragons' Den 'dragon' Theo Paphitis has told LBC that the only thing Boris Johnson has "delivered" is his own alleged comment to "f*** business", adding that he's done so "very well".

Mr Paphitis was referring to a 2018 allegation that when Mr Johnson was asked about corporate concerns over a so-called hard Brexit at an event for EU diplomats, he replied: "F*** business."

Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis was talking to Iain Dale, who asked him whether he'd let Boris Johnson run any of his companies.

"He doesn't qualify for many, many reasons. Unconscious incompetence, hubris by the bucketload. Bad cocktail," Mr Paphitis replied.

"And the lack of the ability to tell the truth. Dishonesty in a retail environment is not good."

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Iain Dale put to Mr Paphitis that a "failure" of the government to deliver Brexit was always inevitable.

Mr Paphitis said: "Do we need to fight everybody, aggravate everybody because it suits our political stance?

"And fester and foster a divisional, hatred-type society which this country has never been known for?"

He continued: "This present government seem to work the Trump way of being divisive.

"The only thing he [Boris Johnson] has delivered in fairness, since, is what he said - those famous words: F*** business.

"He's actually managed to deliver that. He's done very well on that front, and for me and that's about the only thing I think he's delivered."