Labour MP Tells Tory Minister: Theresa May Owes Us Apology For 'Political Agony'

3 May 2019, 00:00

A Labour MP took aim at Sports Minister Mims Davies over Theresa May's snap election in 2017, telling her the Prime Minister has "never apologised" for the 'agonising' two years that followed.

Speaking during a panel debate on Election Night Live, Catherine West told the Sports Minister: "Normally you don't have to rely on opposition parties to get your business through if you are a government.

"But instead we've ended up with these past two years of agony."

But Ms Davies turned the tables onto the Labour, asking what the party's policy was.

"Talk me through where Labour are at now, what were people voting for when they voted Labour today?" she asked.

Ms West replied: I'm inviting you, as the Tory representative on this panel, to just take some political responsibility for the utter mess that the Tory party finds itself in.

"We've been in paralysis for the last two and a half years and yet I haven't actually heard the word sorry from Mrs May to Parliament.

"It's just been agonising not just being part of this Parliament but also watching how disappointed people are that what they thought they were being promised is really difficult to deliver."

Watch above.