'This is complete balderdash' - Iain Dale corrects caller who likened lockdown to WW1

2 November 2020, 20:44

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

When this caller likened the second Covid lockdown to World War One Iain Dale ended up telling him he was speaking "complete balderdash."

When Henry from Kensington called LBC to speak to Iain Dale about the second coronavirus lockdown in England the exchange got heated.

The caller started out by suggesting that there was "no link whatsoever between lives saved and lockdowns."

He actually told LBC it was the opposite that lockdowns are "extremely dangerous."

When Iain pointed out to the caller that most countries across the globe have adopted lockdowns as a policy to tackle the rising number of Covid cases the caller brought up the First World War.

"Most countries went to war in 1914, it doesn't mean they're right," he told Iain before adding he thought "most politicians and most countries are idiots."

This led to the LBC presenter saying most countries "were right to go to war against Germany in 1914."

Henry said he didn't think this was the case, "I don't think that was right," he said.

When Iain told him that his analogy did not work in "any meaningful way," the caller barked "Ok then, Iraq, what about Iraq?"

"Well, experts said 45 minutes, weapons of mass destruction," was the caller's point.

But LBC presenter Iain Dale did not agree with this and told the caller.

"I'm sorry Henry, but this is complete balderdash. You can't compare a medical, scientific decision with a decision to go to war."

But the caller pipped up and said he thought you could which led to Iain setting out the facts to the caller.

Earlier on Monday Boris Johnson insisted a second lockdown was necessary as he came under pressure from Tory MPs and business chiefs about the "truly devastating" measure.

The Prime Minister guaranteed "without a shred of doubt" that the restrictions would expire on December 2, amid concerns on the Conservative benches that England's lockdown could be extended.

Listen to the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page.