This is what Clap For Our Carers means for NHS nurses

17 April 2020, 08:15

By Adrian Sherling

This emotional A&E nurse told the public that the Thursday night applause means the world to him and his colleagues.

Nick in Leigh-on-Sea revealed that his mother-in-law had been hospitalised with coronavirus and admitted he felt extremely emotional when his neighbours invited him out to the street and gave him a standing ovation.

Millions of people around the country joined LBC last night to applaud our NHS and frontline heroes.

Speaking to Iain Dale afterwards, Nick said: "I don't really talk to my neighbours because I work such odd hours.

Nurses applaud each other outside Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Nurses applaud each other outside Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Picture: PA

"Today, the lady next door who I barely know knocked on my door, got me out in the street and everyone in my street was cheering me.

"People have seen me coming and going in my uniform and no one had said anything, but today they were cheering me. It was incredible.

"So thank you to everyone who appreciates us for what we do."

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He went on to describe how awful Covid-19 is when it takes over a patient, urging people to obey the lockdown rules to ensure they don't get it.

Hear his full, emotional call at the top of the page.