Today Proved What Many Of Us Suspected. Trump Is A Racist: Iain Dale

12 January 2018, 17:37 | Updated: 12 January 2018, 17:55

Many of us have suspected it for months but today has proved without question that Donald Trump is a racist, says Iain Dale.

It's after the President reportedly used “racist” language in a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday.

It's said the Republican questioned why the US should allow more immigrants from “s***hole countries” during a meeting about a prosper bipartisan deal on immigration.

President Trump insists he did not say “anything derogatory”, but his alleged remarks have sparked outrage.

Giving his take on Friday afternoon, Iain described the comments as an “absolute disgrace”.

Iain Dale Donald Trump
Picture: LBC/PA

He said: “I think for most people it displays a mindset which we've suspected over the months, maybe even years, but it's now proven.

“If you look back to what happened in Charlottesville and his immediate reaction to that, there are certainly various other incidents, his attitude to Muslims, his attitude to Islam and I don't think there is any question now, we can describe the President of our oldest and closest ally as a racist.”

He continued: “How on earth did this man ever get to be President of the United States holding attitudes and opinions like this and with the kind of temperament that he has?”

Watch Iain's take in full above.