Tony Blair: We'll Have Hard Brexit Or No Brexit, But No Compromise

20 May 2019, 18:59 | Updated: 20 May 2019, 19:33

Tony Blair told LBC the only way to provide Brexit validity is to have a second referendum, even if it doesn't get the same turnout of the first.

The former Labour Prime Minister said that Brexit should not be a "half way house", and has "sympathy" for pro-Brexit MPs calling on the government to 'get on with Brexit'.

Speaking to Iain Dale, Mr Blair said: "There probably is a majority for Remain amongst the MPs, but part of the problem that the Prime Minister's had on her deal has come from the side that's support the 'Brexit at any cost' position, and it's not for stupid reasons.

"In the end, and this is where I have some sympathy for the pro-Brexit MPs when they say 'if you're going to do Brexit, do it'.

"I've always opposed the idea of doing what is described as a half way house."

Tony Blair
Tony Blair. Picture: LBC

But when Iain Dale told Mr Blair that it sounded like he would accept a no-deal Brexit, the former Prime Minister said he would not accept that as an outcome.

"I wouldn't accept no-deal, you could negotiate with Europe perfectly easy, a Canada style free trade agreement

"I would be arguing strongly against it, and I think the only thing that would provide real validity now, because I don't think you'll get the turnout that you had in the last referendum, is a referendum.

"But if the people voted again to leave in a further referendum, I think they would obviously be voting for a hard Brexit."

Watch the interview in full here.