Leave Voter: 'Tony Blair Thinks I'm Either Racist...Or Thick!'

18 February 2017, 08:06 | Updated: 18 February 2017, 08:09

Iain Dale Found What This Caller Said About Blair

This Leave voter was regretting her decision...until Tony Blair made his big speech about Brexit.

This caller, Christine from Bow, phoned Iain Dale following Tony Blair's pro-EU speech yesterday (Friday).

She said that as a Leave voter she had been made to feel guilty and regretted her decision following the referendum.

But when Tony Blair made his anti-Brexit speech, she realised she had made the right decision in voting to leave the European Union.

She said: "Directly after voting to leave I was listening to LBC and watching the media like everybody else does. And I felt like what I was talking about, having buyer's remorse.

"I felt a terrible amount of shame and guilt and I thought my goodness, what have I done? You know, I've got this all wrong, there's something wrong with me."

She went on: "But listening to Tony Blair this morning, I've totally done a 360 again, and i think 'no!'...I was akin to deep Genghis Khan before and if i wasn't a racist or a bigot, I'm either one of those, or, I'm thick. 

"I don't think I'm neither of those things."