Tory Baroness Threatens To Leave Party If Government Opts For Hard Brexit

25 August 2017, 16:50 | Updated: 25 August 2017, 17:20

A Conservative peer has told LBC she fears she may be forced to leave the party if the government opts for a so-called hard Brexit.

Baroness Altmann slammed David Davis and Theresa May for being “too demanding” during negotiations with the European Union.

Iain Dale clashes with Baroness Altmann over Brexit.
Picture: PA/LBC

In the highly critical interview, the former pensions minister said her “first preference” was to stay in the Tory party - but is worried she may have no choice but to leave.

The Europhile told Iain Dale: “I have so many colleagues who agree with the view that I am expressing to you now.

“I voted against the government on the Article 50 because I don’t believe the country was ready to enter these negotiations.

“Quite frankly, I think what’s happened since we triggered Article 50 actually shows we weren’t ready to start.”

The interview provoked a split reaction from LBC listeners.

You can watch the sparky interview in its entirety below and see whose side you're on.