Tory councillor: Backbench rebellion 'beginning of the end' for PM

14 December 2021, 22:01

By Seán Hickey

This Conservative councillor thinks the rebellion Boris Johnson faced today marks the beginning of the end for him in Downing Street.

Pressure mounts on the Prime Minister after he faced a significant revolt from his party backbenchers in the Commons today.

Nearly 100 Tory MPs voted against the government on the introduction of vaccine passports as part of plan B, which many within the party were shocked by.

Claire Pearsall is a Conservative councillor for Ash and New Ash Green and a former government special adviser. Iain Dale asked her on Cross Question whether the result marked the beginning of the end for Boris Johnson.

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"There's a chipping away at trust when you look a the past 18 months...there have been so many incidents where colleagues have been marched up a hill to have a u-turn to march back down again."

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She went on: "The lack of consistency, the lack of honesty, and as I say that chipping away of trust, tonight's vote does represent a coming together of these things."

Mr Pearsall admitted that we "quite possibly" may have seen the start of Boris Johnson's downfall on Tuesday night.

"I do think it's the beginning of the end."