Tory MP's Stark Warning On Boris Johnson Saying He Will "Duck And Weave" On Leaving The EU

20 June 2019, 20:52

Speaking to LBC Tory MP Keith Simpson gave a stark warning about potential Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying he will "always let you down."

Hours after the Conservative Party leadership contenders were whittled down to just two, Mr Simpson was speaking to Iain Dale.

Asking about "vote lending," Iain said that the MP had previously described his Tory Party colleagues as the "most duplicitous electorate in the world."

Mr Simpson said he believed there was vote lending happening in the leadership race, and that it had been "carefully coordinated" by one of the "leading Johnson campaign managers."

He said that MPs had been bullied and led by part of Mr Johnson's campaign.

The Tory MP was speaking to LBC's Iain Dale
The Tory MP was speaking to LBC's Iain Dale. Picture: PA/LBC

Iain asked if he was talking about former Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, to which the MP for Broadland said: "Well, no names, no pack drill as the army would say."

Adding, "but I think you've hit the nail on the head."

He revealed to LBC that a lot of the messages had been kept and that he suspects there could be "some embarrassment in the future."

Describing it as a "dodgy thing to do," Mr Simpson said he thought "a lot of votes have been lent," suggesting that the Johnson campaign wanted to face Jeremy Hunt in the final, rather than Michael Gove.

He said this was because with Mr Gove there would have been "blood on the carpet."

The Tory MP gave a startling view of Mr Johnson saying  "at the end of the day, he will always let you down."

He ended by saying that the extreme Brexiteers within the Conservative Party would "wake up" to the fact that Boris is going to "duck and wave" on leaving.

Watch the whole exchange at the top of the page, or click here to watch Jeremy Hunt getting a grilling from Iain Dale and LBC listeners.