Transport Secretary Blames Corbyn And Unions For Southern Chaos

3 October 2016, 17:35 | Updated: 3 October 2016, 18:43

Chris Grayling points the finger of blame at Jeremy Corbyn and trade union leaders for the continuing crisis at Southern Rail, which has left thousands of travellers without a service they can rely on.

Grayling was speaking to Iain at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, but insisted that it was "the desire of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party and the trade unions that support him" causing the dispute to rumble on.

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Accusing the unions of agitating for the renationalisation of railways, adding they had "no interest, it seems to me, in reaching a settlement to this dispute.

"Today's offer from Southern Railway to its guards, I think, is perfectly sensible and fair.

"The jobs aren't being cut, their pay isn't being cut, they're actually now being offered £2000 to make the transition to the new role."

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Grayling continued: "Why on earth would that not be a sensible thing to do, as we all try to modernise the railways, to make it a better place for our passengers?

"The face the union leaders just dismiss this out of hand says to me this is all about politics."