'UK has better chance of US trade deal with Joe Biden as President'

28 October 2020, 21:10

By Sam Sholli

The UK has a better chance of securing a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US if Joe Biden becomes US president, economics correspondent Kate Andrews has told LBC.

She made the comment while speaking to LBC's Iain Dale ahead of next week's US presidential election.

Mrs Andrews said: "I actually think that there's a better chance of the UK getting a free trade deal with Joe Biden in the White House.

"For all of Trump's talk about liking the UK...he hasn't really shown favouritism in the four years he's been in the Oval Office towards the UK and he is very nervous about trade deals overall.

"And I suspect that Joe Biden wanting to be the antithesis of Trump is going to extend the hand back to the European Union but also potentially to the UK."

The Spectator's Economics Corespondent also said that a Joe Biden presidency could help to deal with the "fearmongering" around a potential US/UK trade deal.

She said: "And I also think in terms of the fearmongering that goes on in the UK around a US/UK free trade deal, it's much harder to scare people with 'Joe Biden's free trade deal'."

"You're not selling off the NHS to Joe Biden [and] you're not lowering food standards with Joe Biden. It doesn't come off the tongue in the same way that Trump does."